…I Don’t Even Know

So with a new trend of ‘family trees’ over on Twitter, this magazine popped up a few times. Let’s not even get into how magazines can have children/parents/spouses…

So with this one, we’ve ended up as the grandparent of VMC… but we wouldn’t exist without VMC… and in this situation they wouldn’t exist without us…

(also burningjeans shipship)

Y’know what maybe we won’t go into the incest of this one…

Is it possible to only have one parent? Who knows (not google apparently)

Google also doesn’t seem to have any answers on whether a magazine can get married (my search history must be a mess by now) but at least one of the parents makes sense I guess?

…and these are only the ones we got tagged in, there’s a hell of a lot more over on Twitter. (Also follow us on Twitter @valiantmcmag :P)


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